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Statistics Sweden has quality certification

Statistics Sweden has certified its entire production of statistics according to the international standards for marketing, opinion and social research, ISO 20252.

Great confidence in Statistics Sweden as a statistics producer and in the statistics produced by Statistics Sweden is of vital importance. The statistics are adapted to their purpose while respondents must not be burdened more than necessary. As part of the confidence building activities, Statistics Sweden has chosen to become certified according to the standard ISO 20252.

Statistics Sweden´s certificate according to 20252 (pdf)

Statistics Sweden has a long tradition of working on quality issues.

Statistics Sweden meets the quality requirements

The certification is proof that an external reviewer has certified that Statistics Sweden’s statistics production lives up to the quality requirements of the standard. The certification allows Statistics Sweden to show clearly that it produces statistics and statistical information in a quality-assured manner. The certification also ensures compliance with many requirements in other Swedish and European frameworks for the quality of statistics.

Statistics Sweden has quality-assured and properly documented processes

Our customers and the users of our statistics can rest assured that Statistics Sweden has quality-assured and properly documented processes and efficient quality control. We examine the critical processes of our operations and live up to the requirements posed on the training and skills of our employees. Statistics Sweden is always open about the way the statistics are produced and presents known deficiencies in quality.