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International Training Programme in gender statistics

Statistics Sweden arranges the International Training Program (ITP) in Gender Statistics as a way to support countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East that wish to improve their capacity in gender statistics. As a producer of gender statistics for more than 30 years, Statistics Sweden has unique expertise within the field.

Statistics Sweden is one of the leading actors nationally as well as internationally as a producer of gender statistics in accordance with user needs. As such, Statistics Sweden has an important role to play nationally to contribute to policy making regarding gender equality, as well as sharing experience within the field internationally.

Program content

The International Training Programme in Gender Statistics runs through 2016-2021. The aim of the program is to build capacity and develop methodology around gender statistics. Statistics Sweden has gathered the primary experts within the field of gender statistics. The main teachers are from Statistics Sweden. In addition, lecturers are invited from other Swedish authorities and organizations as well as from international organizations such as the UN. 

Invited countries 

Countries invited to apply for the program in 2020 are Cambodia, Ethiopia, Liberia, Myanmar and Zambia. The new application form will be available in October 2019 and the closing date for applications is December 6, 2019. 

Participating countries in the ongoing programme are Cambodia, Ethiopia, Liberia, Myanmar and Zambia.

Sida’s information and application for International Training Programme (ITP) 

National Joint Change Projects

In addition to lectures and workshops, the participants will be given the opportunity to implement their own change project with the support of teachers from Statistics Sweden.


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