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Wages and salary structures, private sector

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The purpose of the survey is to annually illustrate salary conditions for different categories such as occupational groups, economic sectors, age groups etc. within the labour market of the private sector. Users of these statistics include parties of the labour market, different government and regional organisations, enterprises, researchers, the mass media and individuals.


Read through the instructions before you begin, and it will be easier for you to provide the information.

Instructions for reporting of salaries (PDF)

Item description for submitting files (Swedish) (PDF)

Occupational classification codes in English (xlsx)

The response process is via web form or a file. If you have difficulty in responding electronically, please contact us.

In several pay systems it is possible to obtain these statistics as a report. If you use a report from the pay system, please be sure that the system has the correct settings. For instance, check to see that the employees are correctly registered, that the requested information is connected to the correct type of salary or wage, and that any absences are registered. Contact your systems supplier if you have questions about this.

If you submit information via a text file (.txt), it should be 300 characters. If your file is different than this, please contact your pay system supplier. 

Survey timetable

You will receive a letter with information about user name and password in the beginning of October and we ask you to reply no later than 30 October 2019.

Obligation to provide information

The obligation to provide information for this survey is mandatory according to the Official Statistics Act (2001:99). The statistics are also regulated according to the Official Statistics Ordinance (2001:100) and Statistics Sweden's regulations (SCB-FS 2014:21)

The information you submit is protected according to Chapter 24 Section 8 of the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (2009:400). When the information is published, no single enterprise will be able to be identified. Consultation has taken place with The Board of Swedish Industry and Commerce for Better Regulation (NNR).

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