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Employment Projection

The forecast calculates the future trend in the number of gainfully employed persons and number of hours worked and what the changes mean for the future dependency ratio. The forecast is made about every three years and has a time horizon of 20 to 25 years.

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Employment Projection 2018, projection to 2040 in three scenarios


According to the main scenario of Statistic Sweden’s latest employment projection, the number of employed persons aged 16–74 is expected to increase by about 691 000 to just over 5.5 million between 2016 and 2040. Older people are also expected to work longer hours than they do today. Foreign born persons are expected to make up most of the increase in employment.

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Employment Projection 2018 English Report 2019-01-31
Employment Projection 2013 – Towards 2035 according to two scenarios English Rapport 2013-10-01
Labour Force Projection 2009 – Towards 2030 according to two scenarios English Rapport 2009-03-31
Labour force 2030 English Rapport 2006-12-01
Labour force 2020 English Rapport 2002-11-28

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