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Intramural R&D expenditure in the government sector by source of funds

Source of fundsSEK million
Total 7 453
Government appropriations excluding ALF-resources 1 385
ALF-resources[1] 1 821
Own funds 2 155
Defence sector 708
Civil governmental authorities 380
Other government funds[2] 267
Private sector[3] 494
Abroad excluding the European union 62
European Union, framework programme för R&D 116
European Union, excluding Framework for R&D 65

1) ALF (Agreement for Medical training and Research) refers to an agreement on compensation that the central government pays to certain county councils to cover the majority of costs that clinical training and research incur. ALF resources are also reported in the Research and Development survey in the university and institution of higher learning sector.

2) Other government funds includes higher education sector, county councils, municipalities and public research fundations.

3) Private sector includes Swedish enterprises, industry R&D organisations and private non-profit sector.

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