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Emission of carbon dioxide, per adult equivalent, kg, 2009

Three types of CO-emission from the consumption of households is shown, per adult equivalent



Three types of emissions

The figure illustrates three types of emissions. The domestic direct emissions come from the household’s consumption (the private consumption) of fuel and heating. The domestic indirect emissions come from the production of goods and services in the Swedish private consumption. International indirect emissions come from the production of goods and services consumed in Swedish households, before being imported. All three types of emissions above sum up to the total emissions from private consumption in Sweden.

Results can be presented in different ways

There are many different ways to present the results. Depending on if the result is presented in ton emissions, per household, per person or per adult equivalent the result will differ (see the other figures).

See excelfile under Source file for the years 2003–2009.

For more information about the methods behind the result see an older report from 2003 ”Households in the environmental accounts”.

Definitions and explanations

The adult equivalents is a weight system that considers how the household is composed. All expenditures do not increase proportionally with the number of individuals in a household. If the expenditure is divided with the weight of consumption more fair comparisons of the total expenditures can be made.
First adult 1,00
Second adult 0,51
Additional adult 0,60
Child 1 (0-19 yrs) 0,52
Child 2, 3, … (0-19 yrs) 0,42

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