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Women and men in Sweden. Facts and figures 2022

Distribution by sex increasingly more even in many areas, but equality rarely reaches all the way

Statistical news from Statistics Sweden 2022-06-21 8.00

The 2022 edition of the booklet “Women and men in Sweden – facts and figures on gender equality” is published today. It contains tables and graphs with current statistics about women and men in a large number of areas.

The gender distribution is slowly becoming more and more even in many areas. This year's edition of the publication shows several cases where the gender distribution for the first time falls within the range 40/60, which is often used as a measure of an even gender distribution. At the same time, it can be disputed whether a gender distribution can be considered even if it is always women who are close to 40 percent and it is always men who are close to 60 percent, or vice versa. The examples where a gender distribution with 50 percent women and 50 percent men have been reached are unusual to date. In cases where the gender distribution is even, other, structural differences, are often found.

Definitions and explanations

There may be different definitions of what is meant by an even distribution of the sexes. In gender statistics, it is common to define a distribution as even when at least 40 per cent are women and at least 40 per cent are men. If a group consists of more than 60 percent women, it is dominated by women and if it consists of more than 60 percent men, it is dominated by men. The measure has primarily been used in follow-ups of power and influence, but can also be used in other contexts, for example in terms of education, occupations or the distribution of home and care work.


“Women and men in Sweden” was first published in 1984 and is published every other year in Swedish and in English. The booklet presents statistics on the terms for women and men in Sweden within many areas.

The full publication is available on Statistics Sweden’s website.

Women and men in Sweden 2022

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