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Children and their families in 2021

Seven out of ten families with children are a nuclear family

Statistical news from Statistics Sweden 2022-06-14 8.00

There are 1.2 million families with children under 18 years of age in Sweden. Seven out of ten are nuclear families, just over two out of ten are families with a single parent and just under one in ten are a reconstructed family. It is most common for there to be one or two children in the family. This applies to more than eight out of ten families with children.

New statistics on children and families with children

The 2021 statistics on Children and their families are now available in the Statistical Database. The statistics contain information on families with children, children’s type of family and siblings, adopted children, separations, children with a Swedish or foreign background and housing.

Children and their Families (

Definitions and explanations

All information refers to families where at least one child aged 0–17 resides. Older children may also live with the family, but they are not included in the information presented here. The statistics are based on population registration, which means that children who reside alternately with both their original parents are included in the family where they are registered.

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