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Ordering data

The results of the Survey on Living Conditions (SILC) are published yearly and are available free of charge in the Statistical Database. In addition, there is also an option to order tailored tables, which we can produce at a cost.

Statistical Database

Orders for tables are made via

Please include the following information when you place your order:

  • the questions and answer alternatives that your request covers. We suggest you look at Definitions of indicators in the SILC (pdf) for this information
  • the Study domains (pdf) that your request covers, e.g. sex, age, or level of education
  • the years that your request covers, and
  • when you will need the information at the latest.

Definitions of indicators in the SILC (pdf)

Study domains (pdf)

If we are able to fulfil your request, you will receive an estimate. We will produce the tables once you have accepted the price.

Restructuring of the survey 2006–2008

In the years 2006–2008, the Survey on Living Conditions underwent major changes: data collection shifted from mainly face-to-face interviews to mainly telephone interviews, and the survey was integrated with the European survey Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (SILC). These changes led to breaks in the time series for some indicators, while other indicators were considered to remain comparable over time. Further information is available in this report:

Changes in the Life Conditions Survey 2006–2008 – A Study in the Comparability of Welfare Indicators over time (pdf) (In Swedish, with a summary in English).

Ordering microdata

The information in the SILC is protected by confidentiality. In some cases, research projects may receive access to pseudonymised microdata following a secrecy clearance. For further information, see:

Ordering microdata.

For further information, contact us via e-mail: