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Demographic Analysis (DEMOG)

In the statistics, demographic events such as births, deaths and migration for various groups in society are analysed. In addition, couple formation and separation is studied. Analyses also provide a basis for assumptions that underpin the annual population projections.

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Regional differences in changes in life expectancy at age 65 2020–2021


During the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, remaining life expectancy at age 65 dropped from 20.8 years to 20.2 years. Large variations between counties exist. Remaining life expectancy dropped by approximately 1 year in some counties whereas increased by 0.1–0.2 years in some other.

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Title Language Type Date
Life expectancy during the COVID-19 pandemic. A regional description English Report 2022-06-22
Immigration to Sweden during the Covid19 pandemic English Report 2022-06-16
Emigration from Sweden during the Covid19 pandemic English Report 2022-06-16
Childbearing in corona times English Report 2022-04-07
After 60. A description of older people in Sweden 2020 English Report 2022-02-10
Population 2021. Texts published on Statistics Sweden's website during the year English Report 2022-02-03
Childbearing among women aged 15–19 and 45–49 years English Report 2021-12-06
Life expectancy in Sweden 2011–2020 Life tables at national and county level English Report 2021-07-01
Forecast of deaths and life expectancy for 2020 English Report 2020-11-25
Forecast of deaths and life expectancy for 2020 English Report 2020-11-25
Cohort mortality in Sweden English Report 2020-06-23
Migration, childbearing and mortality among persons born 1970-2018 based on parents´country of birth English Report 2020-03-05
No children - differences in childlessness between women and men in various groups English Report 2020-02-21
Living alone, with a partner or with friends? Findings from the register on households English Report 2019-10-29
Worlds apart? – Demographic inequalities in Sweden English Report 2018-11-20
One-child mothers in different generations English Rapport 2018-03-08
Birth intervals – how long do parents wait before they have a second child? English Report 2017-11-17
Having children or not. A register-based follow-up on a questionnaire survey from 2009 English Report 2017-06-22
Life expectancy in Sweden 2011–2015. Life tables for the country and by county English Rapport 2016-11-29
Life expectancy and mortality in different social groups English Rapport 2016-05-27
From Finland to Afghanistan – immigration and emigration since 1970 for persons born in different countries English Rapport 2016-02-29
Living close by or far away? Distance between children and parents after a separation 1975–2013 English Rapport 2015-06-25
Leaving the nest. A description of young people moving from home English Rapport 2015-06-24
Love beyond borders – migration and family patterns English Rapport 2015-03-26
Childbearing among foreign born – before and after migration to Sweden English Rapport 2014-12-18
Mortality by occupation in Sweden 2008–2012 English Rapport 2014-09-23
Generations through the years – a demographic description of those born during the 20th century English Rapport 2014-05-12
Different families live in different ways – a survey on residence and support of children after a separation English Rapport 2014-02-21
Having children in new relationships English Rapport 2013-03-07
Children, parents and separations – Trends of the 21st century English Rapport 2013-02-05
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