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Monthly indicator of household consumption, February 2021

Household consumption increased in February 2021

Statistical news from Statistics Sweden 2021-04-08 9.30

Household consumption increased by 2.0 percent in February 2021 compared with January 2021, measured in seasonally adjusted figures, calculated in fixed prices and working day adjusted. Compared with February 2020, household consumption decreased by 1.9 percent, measured in fixed prices and working day adjusted figures. In the last three-month period, consumption decreased by 4.2 percent in fixed prices and working day adjusted figures, compared with the same period a year ago.

The largest weighted positive contribution came from the sector housing, electricity, gas and heating, which increased by 3.4 percent in fixed prices compared with February a year ago.

Restaurants, cafes, hotels and other accommodation services accounted for the largest weighted negative contribution to total consumption and decreased by 33.4 percent in fixed prices compared with February a year ago.

Prices increased by 1.8 percent according to the consumption deflator.

The graphs below show the seasonally adjusted monthly development and the working-day adjusted annual development in the last twelve months. The table that shows the year-on-year growth rates for total consumption and per activity has been moved to the product page under Tables and graphs. Also included on the product page are two graphs: one showing a long index series on seasonally adjusted values, and one showing a long time series on the annual growth rate in fixed prices and working-day adjusted figures.

Seasonally adjusted monthly development

Working-day adjusted annual development

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