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Open data for activity zones

Statistics Sweden delineates activity zones using a combination of geocoded registers and geospatial information. The data on activity zones can be freely downloaded as open geodata. “Activity zones” replace the prior delimitations “Workplace areas outside localities”.

An activity zone can consist either by a concentration of local units (cluster formation) in the zone, or by large scale and industrial land use in the zone, which has at least one local unit. An activities zone measures at least 3 hectares. Open data is shown as polygons and is available for downloading with the reference year 2015.

Workplace areas outside localities are built-ups outside localities with at least 50 gainfully employed people. Open data is shown as polygons and can be downloaded with the reference years 2000, 2005 and 2010.

The statistics underwent extensive changes in terms of definition and method when the changeover to activity zones took place. The geographical areas that make up activity zones therefore differ significantly from the corresponding zones included in workplace areas outside localities. The data concerning 2015 for activity zones is not comparable with the statistics published regarding 2000, 2005 and 2010 for workplace areas outside localities. Workplace areas outside localities can still be freely downloaded as open geodata.

How you may use Statistics Sweden´s open geodata

Download GIS layer with activity

Reference year 2015



Download GIS layer with workplaces outside localities

Coordinate files are available in ArcView-shape format and MapInfo-tab format, in the national reference system SWEREF99TM.

Reference year 2000-2010

Geopackage (zip file)


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