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Open data for DeSO – Demographic Statistical Areas

DeSO is a nation-wide breakdown that follows county and municipal boundaries. The delimitations can be freely downloaded as open geodata.

DeSO is stable and does not change over time, but it is possible that the areas will be divided up in future if they grow too large population-wise. If any changes are made to county or municipal breakdowns, the DeSO boundaries will follow.

How you may use Statistics Sweden´s open geodata 

Download GIS layer with DeSO

In a review of the DeSO boundaries in February 2020, in which various corrections were made, some areas were also adjusted. The change concerns the municipality of Karlskoga, in which 1883A0010 and 1883A0020 were eliminated and merged into a new area 1883A0030.

The DeSO breakdown is available in the national reference system SWEREF99TM. The format is Geopackage which can be opened with the most common GIS programs.

Digitala DeSO gränser
Geopackage (zip file)

More information on DeSO – Demographic statistical areas