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Statistics Sweden's operations

Statistics Sweden is responsible for developing, producing and disseminating official statistics and other government statistics. It is also responsible for coordinating the system for the official statistics. The overall goal for our operations is to produce official statistics of good quality that are easily available for the users.

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Statistics Sweden strives to be a world-class leader in refining data into statistical information for customers and users. We do this by using high levels of competence in statistical methodology, broad subject matter knowledge and modern techniques in a cost-effective manner.

The statistics are impartial, relevant and of good quality. They are also based on scientific grounds. Statistics Sweden facilitates the provision of data and protects the basic data that has been collected. In cooperation with others, Statistics Sweden develops common statistical systems, both nationally and internationally. Statistics Sweden is an attractive workplace where personnel are satisfied and enjoy their work.

Statistics Sweden's strategy

Statistics are fundamental to a democratic society. Statistics Sweden meets the needs of today and tomorrow for reliable statistics as a basis for analysis, debates and decisions. Statistics Sweden has produced a strategy for operations that extend up until the year 2020.