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Living Conditions Survey of Children

Official statistics of Sweden

The statistics show the living conditions of children aged 12-18 (10-18 before 2015). We ask children about their experiences at school, what they do in their spare time and about their well-being. The answers to these questions can also be linked to information from their parents, such as the parents' occupation, education and the family's living conditions.

Statistical news

Many children enjoy school


Six in ten children aged 12 to 18 years get on very well at school, where most of them have friends to hang out with. However, one in four children wish there were fewer tests and homework quizzes. Girls spend more time than boys on preparing their homework. Seven in ten girls spend three hours or more on homework each week.

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Tables in the Statistical Database


Title Language Type Date
Data collection method in the Living Conditions Survey of Children. Experiment and methodology English Report 2022-02-01
Patterns of non-response in the Living Conditions Survey of Children 2010–2017 English Report 2019-04-12
Children's experiences from school English Rapport 2012-12-07
Children's social relationships English Rapport 2011-01-13
Children's Leisure Time English Rapport 2009-01-29

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