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Open data

Statistics Sweden’s open data is available for everyone to use free of charge.

Open data offered by Statistics Sweden

The School Unit Register

The School Unit Register contains information on school units and school forms throughout Sweden.

The Statistical Database

The Statistical Database contains official statistics from Statistics Sweden and other statistical agencies.

Industry business ratios

Industry business ratios compare a company’s strong and weak sides using key ratios for various industries. 


Geodata describes everything that has a geographic location, such as localities, activity units or grid statistics.

Government Agencies Register

The Government Agencies Register is a register of government agencies in Sweden.

How you may use Statistics Sweden's open data

Statistics Sweden’s statistics are accessible via API (

You may use Statistics Sweden’s open data free of charge. We use the licence CC0 for this data, which means that you may use and disseminate or provide such data without any requirement to state the source.

If you choose to state the source, we recommend putting (when stating it in English): “Source: Statistics Sweden”.

Statistics Sweden’s database also includes statistics from other government agencies. If you use statistics made available over Statistics Sweden’s API, which have a source reference to another agency, you should state this.

If you yourself have processed data from Statistics Sweden, do not state the source.

You may not use the API to spread malicious code.

You may not present a service as an “official cooperation” or “partnership” with Statistics Sweden.

How Statistics Sweden’s API works

Statistics Sweden's API is provided as it is. You may perform a maximum of ten call-ups in a 10-second period from an IP address. You yourself choose how the questions are distributed. For example, you can choose to ask ten questions in the first second and then be denied the nine following times. You can retrieve a maximum of 100,000 values per table. The error message “HTTP 403 Forbidden” indicates that the maximum value has been exceeded.

How corrections of the statistics are handled

The statistics distributed by Statistics Sweden via the API are continually updated as we correct source data. We only communicate the correction in the Statistical Database.

Open data directives

On its digital agenda, the Government has an ambition to improve the conditions for further use of public information from government agencies. It is also an aspect that is regulated in the PSI Directive and Inspire Directive from the EU.

The EU PSI Directive
The EU INSPIRE Directive


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