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Open data for holiday-home areas

Statistics Sweden delineates holiday-home areas using a combination of geocoded registers and geospatial information. The data on holiday-home areas can be freely downloaded as open geodata.

Holiday-home areas are built-up areas with at least 50 buildings that are classed as holiday homes. Holiday homes are defined as buildings without a registered population, with a certain type code from the Real Estate Tax Assessment Register. 

Holiday-home areas are shown as polygons. Until 2015, they were updated once every five years. 

Available variables 

  • Reference year
  • County code
  • Land area in hectares
  • Municipality code
  • Municipality name
  • Code holiday-home area, F+4 digits
  • ObjectID, serial number for all data
  • County name

How you may use Statistics Sweden´s open geodata 

Reference year 2000

ArcView-shape (zip file)

MapInfo-tab (zip-file)

Reference year 2005

ArcView-shape (zip file)

MapInfo-tab (zip file)

Reference year 2010

ArcView-shape (zip file)

MapInfo-tab (zip fil)e

Reference year 2015

ArcView-shape (zip file)

MapInfo-tab (zip file)


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