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Official statistics of Sweden

The statistics compare native born and foreign born children in various areas such as the labour market, education, living conditions and health. The analyses are published in annual reports.

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Increasing share with earned income among refugees and their family


The share of refugees and family members of refugees with earned income and work-related compensation has increased during the 2000s, but the share with this type of income is still lower in this group, compared both to other foreign-born persons and to those born in Sweden.

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Tables in the Statistical Database


Title Language Type Date
Integration - Earned income and work-related compensation 2021-2020 English Report 2022-10-20
Economic conditions for people with a background outside of Europe. A statistical analysis of income and economic standard in 2019 English Report 2022-05-03
Integration – final school grades, further studies, and the labour market English Report 2021-11-10
Integration–Internal migration among newly arrived refugees English Report 2020-10-15
Integration – a description of the situation in Sweden English Report 2019-11-21
Refugees’ income sources during their first 15 years in Sweden English Report 2018-11-29
Integration – Matching between education and occupation among foreign-born in Sweden English Report 2017-06-02
Integration – internal migration among refugees in Sweden English Report 2016-12-21
Integration – Establishment of foreign born persons in working life and in society English Rapport 2016-06-22
Integration – focus on 15 municipal districts English Rapport 2015-09-30
Integration – establishment on the labour market English Rapport 2014-12-09
Integration – a description of the situation in Sweden English Rapport 2013-12-06
Integration – foreign born persons of retirement age English Rapport 2012-12-12
Integration – foreign born persons in upper secondary school English Rapport 2011-12-20
Integration – a regional perspective English Rapport 2010-06-11
Integration – foreign born persons and the labour market English Rapport 2009-12-14
Integration – a description of the situation in Sweden English Rapport 2008-12-18

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