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Consumer Price Index Board

According to Statistics Sweden's rules of procedure, chapter 4 paragraph 4 c, the Consumer Price Index Board handles issues about the calculations of the CPI.

The board also assists with questions of principle character that deal with the application of the grounds that apply for the index calculations, as well as to promote development of methods for the CPI calculations.

The Board usually has two meetings per year. The discussions at the meetings are documented by the secretary.

The Board may invite experts if needed.

The representatives and replacement members are appointed to the Consumer Price Index Board until 31 December 2024.


  • Elisabeth Hopkins, Chairman, Director of Economic Statistics and Analysis, Statistics Sweden
  • Oskar Tysklind, Swedish Riksbank
  • Anders Norberg, Independent expert          
  • Jesper Johansson, Swedish Riksbank          
  • Helene Zetterberg, Finansdepartementet
  • Tommy Lowén, Swedish Pensions Agency
  • Bo Larsson, Swedish Social Insurance Agency
  • David Edgerton, Professor, National Institute
    of Economic Research, Lund University
  • Hans Wijkander, Professor, Nationalekonomiska inst., Stockholm University
  • Hannah Hall, The Swedish Consumer Agency
  • Erik Glans, National Institute of Economic Research
  • Sune Karlsson, Professor, Handelshögskolan, Örebro University
  • Jörgen Dalén, PhD. Independent expert
  • Randi Johannessen, Statistisk sentralbyrå (SSB), Norway
  • Roger Gustafsson, The National Board of Housing
  • Fredrik Isaksson, The Swedish Construction Federation
  • Han-Suck Song, Royal Institute of Technology
  • Andreas Svensson, HUI Research 



Martina Sundström

+46 10 479 42 51

Kamala Krishnan

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