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User councils at SCB

Statistics Sweden (SCB) currently has ten user councils. User councils are established by a decision of the director-general, who also decides on the chairpersons and other members of the user councils. The user councils have an external chairman and consist of approximately ten members.

The purpose of the user councils is to create a system of organised user contacts to continually provide SCB with knowledge about the new and changing needs for statistics and to obtain the views of key users regarding changes in the statistics. User councils form a kind of network of information, whereby SCB can spread and get feedback on ideas and plans. They have an active role in prioritising and follow-up as well as an advisory capacity to SCB. The user council members also receive comprehensive information regarding SCB, such as the annual report, business plan, budget, etc.

The discussions in the user councils are documented and an annual activity report is submitted. The activity reports provide the basis for the reporting of user councils' activities in SCB's annual report.

Statistics Sweden's user councils

  • User council for labour market statistics
  • User council for population, demographics and education statistics
  • User council for democracy stats
  • User council of economic statistics
  • User council for statistics on research and development
  • User council for regional statistics
  • User council for land use and Real estate statistics
  • User council for environment and environmental-economic accounts
  • User council for welfare statistics
  • User council for communication

Instructions for Statistics Sweden’s user councils decided by the director-general

  • The user councils have an advisory role and shall represent the users of the government funded statistics that Statistics Sweden is responsible for within each subject area. This refers to both the general needs for statistical information and the more specific needs of different users.
  • The user councils shall address issues relating to the need for new statistics, the development and improvement of existing statistics and priorities and re- prioritisation for the coming financial year.
  • The user councils shall be given the opportunity to monitor both the plans and previous year's activities in the relevant subject area.
  • The user councils shall appropriately document their views and prioritize proposals that are considered for inclusion in Statistics Sweden's budget proposal.
  • User councils shall submit an annual activity report to the relevant department at Statistics Sweden. The reports provide the basis for reporting the user councils' activities in Statistics Sweden's annual report.
  • The chair and members of the councils are appointed by the director-general on the initiative of the department heads for a term of three years.
  • User councils shall have 2-4 meetings per year. The discussion at the meetings shall be documented in minutes, which must be submitted to the council members for comments. The minutes of the meeting shall be approved within one month after the meeting. The approved minutes shall be sent to members, and for information to the director-general, the deputy director-general, the Director-General's Office and the Administration Department.
  • The minutes shall be published on Statistics Sweden’s website, where minutes from the last two years shall be available.
  • Minutes shall be kept by the Director-General's Office for three years after which they shall be archived.
  • SCB is responsible for the secretariat function for all user councils.
  • User councils may, if necessary, invite experts to attend.